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A roof puncture may happen if weight and sharp pressure result in a hole being created in the roof. Punctures are a serious matter as they are easy to unintentionally overlook compared to other damage affecting roofs. These punctures may allow moisture to seep into the roof, possibly causing greater damage such as a leak.

metal roofing

Mother Nature plays a heavy role in roof punctures. The combination of high winds plus storm debris can affect the integrity of the roof. Tree branches or other materials slamming against the roof during a hurricane or heavy rainstorm may cause leaks which will quietly damage the interior. If the roof is older, it is more susceptible to wear and tear, increasing the risk of punctures.

If there are structures such as an HVAC system or antennas installed on the roof, the may be affected and lead to punctures. Additionally, any individuals such as plumbers or technicians needing to climb on the roof may puncture the roof due to foot traffic, especially if the roof is flat.

When it comes to repairing roof punctures, it is best to leave the repairs to those individuals with specialized knowledge and experience of how roofing works and what steps to take to avoid causing punctures. If you think you may have a puncture, contact us and we’ll check it out.

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