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Condensation is not something you want to deal with when it comes to your roof and/or attic. If left unaddressed, it may result in having to do a pricey roof replacement.

rain on a window

High levels of indoor humidity are typically the culprit behind indoor condensation. While seeing condensation form on the windows may indicate that air is not escaping, it could also mean that moisture isn’t being vented out properly. This condensation may be caused by showering hot, cooking, or running a washing machine and dryer.

Most residential roofs are made from wood. If you know anything about wood, you know it is capable of absorbing moisture, in turn softening the wood and possibly weakening the roof. If the moisture is excessive, the wood may eventually rot and cause the fasteners to rust.

One way to keep humidity or moisture low is to open the windows daily for a minimum of fifteen minutes. If you have an attic, ridge vents may help with or you may wish to look into exhaust fans.

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