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Hammer Roofing is a certified distributor and installer of Tilcor. This stone-coated steel roofing system uses cutting-edge Zincalume protective steel, which allows tiled roofs to have a considerably longer service life versus standard galvanized tiles. Tilcor products are also known for their distinct visual appeal and eye-catching finish, in addition to the product’s extraordinary long term durability.

home with brown roof

Installed in more than eighty countries, the Tilcor Roofing Systems product range provides incredible strength and lastingness even when climate conditions are especially harsh. Watertight and resistant to fire and earthquakes, the pressed steel roofing tiles are designed to resist hurricane-force winds, a major plus in areas prone to major storms like South Florida. Tilcor is also resistant to hail and it also offers protection from the UV rays of the sun, which may assist with keeping the interior of a home or property cool during the sultry summer season.

If you’re interested in using Tilcor to replace or install your roof, please contact us and we’ll be happy to tell you more about its many benefits.

This update is by licensed Miami FL roofing company Hammer Roofing, Inc. We provide expert roofing repairs, replacements, and installation to Florida property owners across the state and we specialize in a variety of roofing types. With our extensive experience, we are leaders in roofing and storm damage restoration and we’re committed to utilizing the best materials and latest technology to provide an optimum level of service to our customers. For more information on the best roofing Florida company or to request an estimate or inspection, please call 786-408-6168.

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