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Florida is known for its subtropical climate, which means cyclones are a common thing. Sure enough, all signs are pointing to Hurricane Dorian making landfall this Labor Day weekend, and homeowners should be extra careful about making sure their roofs are ready for its effects as well as any future storms that may visit Florida.

solar panels on roof

Regardless of the age of your roof, there are a few steps you can take to ensure it remains in good shape which doesn’t necessarily involve having to spend money on a roof replacement. For starters, make sure you take some time out at least twice a year to remove any clutter from your gutters, such as leaves for example. Leaves may cause the gutters to clog which, in turn, can lead to wall and siding damage.

Since we’re on the subject of leaves, you may be surprised by what a little bit of tree trimming can do. In addition to preventing branches from damaging the roof and also cutting down on the number of leaves, getting rid of overhanging branches will also reduce the chances that an animal such as a possum will sneak into your roof and possibly damage it. Besides the possibility of droppings which will lead to a foul odor around the property, possums may gnaw on the roof, which could cause leaks or worse.

Keep an eye out in case you see any shingles that may be loose or missing entirely. Consider using binoculars to spot damage versus climbing on the roof and putting your safety at risk.

This update is by licensed South Florida roofing company Hammer Roofing, Inc. We provide expert roofing repairs, replacements, and installation to Florida property owners across the state and we specialize in a variety of roofing types. Our extensive experience, we are a leader in roofing and storm damage restoration and we’re committed to utilizing the best materials and latest technology to provide an optimum level of service to our customers. For more information on the best roofing Florida company or to request an estimate or inspection, please call 786-408-6168.

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