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The roof is a major part of the home. Besides protecting you from the elements, a roof that’s been installed correctly can assist with water damage prevention and balancing the insulation and ventilation features in the home. To get a better idea of how the roof works, it’s worth taking a look at three of its essential components.

wood shingles

We’ll begin with the shingles and tiles which both play a major role in comprising the roof exterior. These tiles and shingles receive exposure to whatever Mother Nature unleashes and it protects the rest of the roof from damage caused by moisture. They also add a bit of a decorative aesthetic which helps differentiate your home from your neighbors.

Below the shingle and tiles is the appropriately named underlayment of a roof, which is where these shingles and tiles are positioned. Assuming it’s been installed correctly, this layer factors heavily into the prevention of water leakage as well as serving as a roof foundation. You may wish to inquire with your roofing contractor about your options that may add additional protection.

And then there is the roof flashings, yet another vital component which is part of the roof’s exterior layer. The visual appeal aside, flashings protect some of the most vulnerable parts of the home from water, such as the valleys and hips, for example.

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