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Hammer Roofing Naples

As the past has shown, Mother Nature can do major damage to homes and businesses, which reinforces the need to regularly inspect roofing systems. A routine inspection can reveal damage that if left unnoticed, may result in having to make expensive repairs, including a possible roof replacement.

Hammer Roofing, Inc. knows the ins and outs of roofing and we have worked with countless businesses and homeowners in providing roofing solutions. We are a licensed Florida roofing contractor and we continue to fine-tune our knowledge when it comes to roofing types. We are always using the latest proven technology to deliver optimum results from the inspection phase to the bid, estimate, and construction of the roof. With pride ourselves on our years of experience and providing professional solutions for storm damage restoration and roofing services to residential and commercial customers in Naples, Florida.

If your home or business has suffered damage due to the elements or a major storm, Hammer Roofing is ready to save the day and your property. We’ll make sure the roof is fixed and thoroughly restored and we’ll even take care of snapping photos, shooting video, and providing important documentation which you can then send to the insurance company to file a claim.