Proper attic and roof ventilation is an essential aspect of every residential roof installation. When it’s done properly, it can help tremendously in preventing future roof issues.

Ideally, the inside roof temperature should largely reflect that of its outer layer. This results in even expansion and contraction when the temperatures rise or drop, which assists with the prevention of warping and other structural issues. On that note, the moisture levels should remain the same as trapped moisture is capable of causing major problems.

When the roof is exposed to two distinct temperatures, it may result in damage to the roof deck and other parts of the roof such as the rafters and trusses. Add in the absorption of moisture and there is a risk of the entire structure becoming warped, increasing the odds of sagging roof lines or worse, a roof collapse. The material used to insulate the attic may clump should it become damp, which reduces its ability to insulate. Should the insulation fail, unvented heat may result in uneven roof temperature. A warm and moist attic also means the possible growth of mold and mildew.

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